Better a witty fool, than a foolish wit.” This and other famous quotes Shakespeare's were performed at Schloss Dyck on Tuesday. This year the TNT Theatre Britain, an international travelling theatre, staged Shakespeare's comedy “Twelfth Night”.

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The plot of the play revolves around the twins Viola and Sebastian who are separated in a shipwreck. They both think the respectively other drowned in the floods and go to find refuge with Duke Orsino who lives on the island. The characteristic Shakespearean masterpiece enchants its audience with wit and intrigues.

Just as in the previous years the path to the inner courtyard was illuminated by candles which set the mood for the theatre experience of the special kind.

This year the audience was exceptionally big and all seats were sold early. The audience members that came later did not have to stand though. The crew of TNT Theatre Britain brought more chairs to the courtyard and even carried two benches closer to the stage to make sure everybody was comfortable seated before the show started.

Deeply interesting and laudably was the performance of the actor who played the female servant of countess Olivia. Just as during Shakespeare's lifetime the female role was played by a man which contributed to the authenticity of the play.

All in all the evening was a thorough success despite a few isolated showers. Next year's Shakespeare night with TNT Theatre Britain at Schloss Dyck is definitely something worth looking forward to.